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A domestic violence in SB County would face an upper hand by the responding authorities from law enforcement officers to judges and prosecution. If the domestic abuse is serious with injuries inflicted on the alleged victims, a restraining order may be issued at different points in time to curb the recurrence of abuse on the victims.

This is a court order that is issued to protect victims from further abuse. The scope of a restraining order includes:

  1. Restraining the offender from contacting or approaching the protected person(s) involved in the domestic abuse case
  1. Prohibiting the possession or use of a gun or firearm as long as the order is in effect
  1. The removal of the offender from the same residence as the alleged victim
  1. The alleged offender to abide by the court’s decisions on child custody and visitation rights
  1. Paying child support by the domestic violence offender
  1. Paying spousal or partner support for married couples
  1. Offender to stay away from house pets
  1. Obligation to pay certain bills by the offender as the home breadwinner
  1. No changing of insurance policies by the offender
  1. No incurring of huge expenses that impact the current properties of the married couple
  1. Release of or returning certain property to the alleged victim

Form DV-110 contains explicit details on the restraining order issued to the domestic violence offender which should be read carefully for a total compliance. There would be a court hearing on the restraining order.

Any violation of the issued restraining order could result in more stringent punishments on top of those activated in a domestic violence case. Only a skilled and experienced San Bernardino domestic violence lawyer could ease off the harsh restrictions of a restraining order to make the life of the offender more comfortable.

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