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A domestic violence defendant would probably be slapped with a restraining order by the court as a misdemeanor crime. This order is served to prevent the alleged offender from having any contact with the alleged victim for safety of all parties.

The defendant is not to respond to the victim if the latter initiates the contact as it could prove detrimental to the defendant as a violation of the order until the court judge lifts the order. Hence, the defendant requires the professional legal assistance of a skilled defense domestic violence lawyer who understands the nooks and crannies of a restraining order to advice the defendant against further penalties.

Restrictions on the defendant with a restraining order include:

  1. Prevented from going to their own house where the alleged victim lives
  2. Restricted from calling the alleged victim or dependents

Violating the restraining order by the defendant is a serious crime which could heap on more penalties to the domestic violence charge or bring about more charges against the defendant even if the defendant may be innocent of the alleged domestic abuse crime. It is easy to prove a violation of the restraining order if no proper legal representation is available.

Although the district attorney may dismiss the domestic violence case for some reason, the issued restraining order could still be in effect until the judge lifts it up. Hence, the D.A. could buy time to reinstate the charges for as long as a year on a misdemeanor charge; longer for a felony charge.


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