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A domestic abuse case in the cities could trigger one of the 3 restraining or protective orders that could be issued against the alleged offender. Emergency Protective Restraining Order is issued against the offender arrested for domestic battery, abuse, violence, stalking or criminal threats. An Emergency Protective Order or restraining order is issued on request by the police officer or sheriff from the Judge or Commissioner.

The Emergency Protective Order prohibits the alleged offender from contacting or communicating with the alleged victims to be protected. The duration of this emergency protective order is between 5 and 7 days from its date of issuance. Then the offender must appear in court at the Arraignment.

Stay Away Restraining Order is issued at the first court appearance or arraignment for the domestic abuse charges. It is valid as long as the court has jurisdiction over the case. A conviction of criminal domestic battery or assault would impose this order on the alleged offender until probation is completed which may take 3 years.

Temporary Restraining Order is usually requested by the alleged domestic abuse victim who filed a police report on the offender. If the offender is accused of stalking without a dating relationship, the court could issue a No Harassment Order.

The alleged victim must be able to present proof for a restraining order which judges and judicial officers could err in an easy granting that curbs offender’s freedom.

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A DV case has high stakes that could adversely impact the offenders’ lives for domestic battery or assault if convicted by the California court. A restraining order could limit the movements of the offender and potential opportunities in life but a qualified domestic abuse defense lawyer who is apt in tackling restraining orders could enhance the outcomes.

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